There is only ONE thing that will make your weight loss goal inevitable…



How much you emotionally turn to food…
How hard or easy it is to lose weight…
How many times you start over…
How much weight you lose…



Introducing the revolutionary program designed exclusively for women who are ready to transform their bodies and minds without sacrificing their favorite foods or relying on willpower alone.

It’s time to embrace a new approach to weight loss—one that focuses on your inner transformation rather than strict external rules to break free from the cycle of overeating, emotional eating, and dieting forever. Say goodbye to deprivation and hello to a sustainable and enjoyable weight loss journey.

As a member of ThinWithin Life™, you’ll discover the secrets to lasting weight loss without counting a single calorie. We’ll guide you through the process of understanding your relationship with food, tackling emotional eating triggers, and making peace with your body. No more quick fixes or temporary solutions—this is a transformation that goes beyond the number on the scale.

Imagine waking up each day feeling empowered, confident, and in control of your food choices.  We will equip you with the tools and strategies to navigate any situation without relying on willpower alone. You’ll learn how to listen to your body’s natural cues, make nourishing choices, and indulge in your favorite foods guilt-free.

It’s time to prioritize your well-being and unlock the true potential within you while saying goodbye to diets and hello to a life of freedom, balance, and confidence. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. 

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After YEARS of struggling like crazy to stick to a diet and gaining the same lost pounds over and over again, I felt like a total failure.

I wasn’t sure if losing weight was even possible for me!

What I did know is that: I hated dieting, I loved eating out, I didn’t have the time or   patience for long workouts, and I hated feeling like the “fat friend” in a sea of naturally thin friends.

What the heck was wrong with me?

That’s until one day I mustered up the courage to ask some those NATURALLY THIN friends what they did to make being thin look so easy and effortless…


I discovered that losing weight and improving my health was ONLY about two things –

When I learned HOW to take action in these two areas, I lost weight and lost weight fast and so can YOU. 

This means –

  • Never again turning to diets again!
  • Never count calories or macros!
  • Never weigh or measure food!
  • Never again eliminating whole food groups!
  • Never categorizing foods or yourself as “good” or “bad”!
  • Never AGAIN  feeling like the odd one out at social events and restaurants!
  • Never AGAIN scanning the menu ahead of time for “diet” foods!
  • Never plan or track each morsel of food. 

When YOU learn to reshape your mind and learn tips and tools to eat intuitively, you WILL lose weight and you will FINALLY leave the constant mental food-battle behind! 

It’s so much easier to lose weight when you stop fighting with YOURSELF to stick to a DIET, count calories, or plan everything out!

A non-diet approach to weight loss is the BEST answer to changing your body because it recognizes your MENTAL and EMOTIONAL relationship with food. 

After giving up diets for good and learning to honor my body and mind, I lost 40 pounds. 

I want to help you reach your weight loss goals to lose 20, 50, or 100+ pounds to lose by taking you through the most fun and effective step-by-step system so you can finally feel AMAZING in your body!



Here's What Members of ThinWithin Life™ want you to know...


“The best therapy money can buy. Along with these women who are real, authentic, loving, and supportive of every member in the community. It really has been more fulfilling than I could ever have expected.”



“Today I weighed myself and…

I’m down 40lbs!!!  

It’s working! I’m thrilled! I’m getting my nails done to celebrate!” 



“The group has the power of sisterhood and gives you the strength and lift that only women can give each other. It’s always available for whenever you need a kind word and a wonderful space to share successes and failures freely.”

Your Weight Loss Adventure Starts Now!

For 25 years, I've guided successful women worldwide to lose weight in a fun and holistic way.
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Together, we'll unleash your potential, transforming not just your body, but your entire life.


When you join today, I'm going to waive your $197 enrollment fee, making

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Hey there, I’m Marna Thall—an unstoppable force in helping women like you achieve lasting weight loss, conquer emotional eating, anreclaim control over your life. I’m not just a Master Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach, Hypnotherapist, and proud mom of two; I’m also someone who has walked the very same path you’re on right now.

From a young age, I turned to food for solace when life threw its challenges my way. As my weight soared, I embarked on countless diets, only to find myself trapped in a vicious cycle of restriction and craving. It wasn’t until I began studying the secrets of naturally thin individuals that I discovered the key to true freedom—a life unburdened by calorie counting and food obsession.

I delved deep into the psychology behind their effortless weight management, and the transformation was nothing short of astounding. I shed nearly 40 pounds without subjecting myself to another diet ever again. The freedom and joy I experienced were unparalleled, and I knew I had to share this life-changing knowledge with women like you.

You see, you’re not alone in despising diets. An astonishing 95% of women struggle with sustaining long-term results through traditional dieting methods. The problem isn’t you—it’s the diets themselves. They’re simply not designed to support your mind and body in the way you deserve. That’s why I’m here to present you with the ultimate solution—an integrated approach that will revolutionize your relationship with food, weight loss, and self-discovery. 

Together, we’ll unlock the secrets of intuitive, non-diet weight loss, and equip you with powerful mindset tools to conquer emotional eating once and for all. No more restrictions, no more deprivation—just a life filled with abundant food choices, self-compassion, and sustainable weight loss.

Are you ready to say goodbye to diets forever and welcome the ThinWithin Life™? 


It’s time to reclaim your body, your mind, and your unshakable confidence. Join me on this extraordinary journey towards lasting transformation.

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This collection of workshops is easily valued at over $1,000.


Through your weight loss journey, I can wait to answer any question that comes up. Whether it’s a mental or emotional challenge you are having with food, I’m there to help you break through your blocks, transform your mind, and give you the tools you need to get moving toward your ThinWithin Life.

After 25 years of coaching, my private coaching rate is $497/month. Live coaching is included in your membership.


You are never alone as a member of ThinWithin Life™. 

We have developed the best ways to support you as you create your ThinWithin Life™. 

Through accountability groups, live monthly community masterminds, and access to our private Facebook community, there is a sisterhood of women ready to cheer you on, celebrate your successes, and hold your hand when you need it the most. 

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  • You’re a busy woman ready to lose weight simply and easily.
  • You’re sick and tired of dieting, measuring food, counting calories or doing anything else that the naturally thin don’t do to stay thin.
  •  You find yourself frequently numbing your emotions with food and you want to learn how to face your feelings instead of eating through them.
  • You look down at your body and you’re shocked and overwhelmed with what you see. You know that if you don’t start losing weight, your health is going to continue to suffer.
  • You feel out-of-control with food and are ready to take easy doable steps to lose weight.
  • You begin each day telling yourself, “today is going to be different”, only to find yourself numbing out at night overeating. This just has to stop.
  • You can’t stick to a diet and need a different approach. 
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed with everything you think you must do to lose weight, and you are ready for a simpler way.


  • If you want a meal plan to follow, this program teaches you HOW to be with food, not what to eat, so this would not be the right option for you.
  • If you want a plan that gives you the exact foods to eat. Nope, that’s not what this is about.
  • If  you want a plan that’s going to have you counting calories, macros, or have you plan meals – again nope. The naturally thin don’t do any of this to stay thin, and you don’t have to either.
  • If you aren’t ready to take responsibility for your life and your health up to this point, I would encourage you to wait until you are ready to take full responsibility before joining.

Are you ready to uncover the hidden costs of not taking action?

💸 Financial Drain: Countless dollars wasted on diet books that promise quick fixes but deliver empty promises. Pre-packaged, tasteless food that leaves you unsatisfied and reaching for more. Groceries that end up in the trash, along with your hard-earned money. And let’s not forget that pricey gym membership collecting dust as guilt sets in. How much longer will you let your bank account suffer?

😔 Emotional Toll: How much longer will you endure the constant discomfort in your own skin? The fleeting moments of confidence shattered by self-doubt? It’s time to break free from the chains that hold you back from truly embracing life. The cost of staying stuck is robbing you of the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

🔒 Hiding From Happiness: Are you tired of hiding and isolating yourself from the world? Desperately seeking refuge in the lives of others on Netflix™ because facing your own reality feels too painful? The true cost of not taking action is missing out on the vibrant experiences and meaningful connections that await you. It’s time to step out of the shadows and reclaim your place in the spotlight.

🧠 Mental Overload: The mental energy consumed by constant worry over what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat is exhausting. Your mind deserves freedom from the endless calculations and food anxiety. Imagine the mental space and clarity you could reclaim by embracing a solution that effortlessly fits into your life. It’s time to unburden yourself from this unnecessary mental load.

Missed Opportunities: The cost of not getting started is the precious time slipping through your fingers. How many more days, weeks, or years will you allow to pass without making a change? Embracing a doable, sustainable solution that will accompany you well into your 90s is within your grasp. It’s time to seize the opportunity and embark on this transformative journey.

The choice is clear! The cost of not taking action is too great to ignore. Don’t let another day go by without investing in yourself and your well-being. Join us today and unlock a life of freedom, confidence, and fulfillment that’s worth every penny and every moment.

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 The amazing thing is that you can do as much or as little as you’d like and still see results.

I suggest starting with your Orientation and then go right into the Mastery Course where you will print your  workbook and I will walk you through everything.

No problem! Nobody can attend all of the the live trainings. We know, you are busy!

That’s why we’ve created a member’s only podcast which we will give you access to once you join, AND all of the workshops and coaching calls are recorded so that you can access them right inside the membership portal. 

Yes. You can cancel at any time. We just ask you give us 30-Days notice to complete the cancellation process. 

That’s 100% fine. You don’t have to be a busy professional or a mother.

We might address specific topics at times that relate to busy moms or balancing a busy work life, but we welcome single women, divorced women, retired women, bi-sexual women, lesbian women, women of all ethnicities, religions and races. 

We welcome all of you open-hearted women into this sacred space with loving and open arms!

We LOVINGLY and OPENLY welcome bi-sexual women, lesbian women, transgender women, or women of any sexual orientation.

We LOVINGLY and OPENLY welcome women of all races,  ethnicities, and religion.

We welcome all of you open-hearted women into this sacred space with loving and open arms!